Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)
Based on the recommendation of the Governing Body, the IQAC has been restructured and
the following members are hereby appointed as members of the Internal Quality Assurance
Cell (IQAC) of Capital College of Higher Education

Chairperson : Principal, CCHE
Coordinator : Mrs. Opangmenla Jamir
Member : Dr. Rukulu Kezo, HOD, Dept. of English
Member : Mrs. Tatongkala Lemtur, Dean of Students
Member : Mr. Tems├╝wapang Lkr. HOD. Dept. of History
Member : Mrs. Abeino Zashu, Academic Dean
Member : Mrs. Chubarenla, HOD, Dept. of Pol. Science
Member : Ms. Shedulu Kezo, HOD, Dept. of Education
Member : Mr. Theja Lohe, HOD, Dept. of Tenyidie
Member : Ms. Akanjungla Kichu, HOD. Dept. of Economics
Member : Dr. P. Kadunlung, HOD. Dept. of Botany
Member : Ms. Nourhevinuo Kessiezie, HOD. Dept. of Zoology
Member : Mr. Pyonphamo Ezung, HOD, Dept. of Chemistry
Member : Mr. Vezuhu Keyho, Chairman, College Governing Body
Member : Head Gaonbura, Supply Colony
Member : Dr. Khrietuo Doulo, Managing Director
Member : Mr. Kekhwengulo Lea (Member-Governing Body)
Member : President, Students Council