Capital College of Higher Education (CCHE), established in 2004, is permanently affiliated to Nagaland University. The college is also recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) under Art. 2(f) & 12(B) of the UGC Act of 1956. The College provides Degree Course in Bachelor of Arts. In the learning process, the college considers it to be imperative that the students excel in their quest for knowledge. In order to achieve this, the college provides an excellent environment for academic pursuit by imparting total quality education by well experienced and qualified and committed teachers. Till now 12(Twelve) batches have graduated and the college takes pride in seeing many of its former students becoming successful persons in different professions and occupations.

Aims and Objectives of the College

The object of CCHE to promote knowledge in the spheres of teaching and learning, research, promote inter-disciplinary and multidisciplinary studies, and to disseminate education to the mass as well as. Some of the specific aims of the college are given below.

1. Impart quality education to the students by developing skill, competence and in-depth understanding in their field of study; both at the theoretical and practical levels.

2. Develop awareness at local, national, and global levels in order to keep space with the changing times.

3. Strive for knowledge, wisdom and values that bear relevance to society.

4. Mould the students to be responsible citizens.


The college is situated in the heart of the Capital Town below the State Library, and within a walk-able distance from PHQ Junction, P.R.Hill. The environment of the college is congenial and is conducive for study in terms of immediate access to transportation, medical aid, communication, etc.

Board of Management

The college is managed by a Governing Body consisting of members who are experts in different disciplines in the field of higher education. All policies in regard to administration and development of the college are managed by the Governing Body.

Seminar and Workshops

Apart from the general courses prescribed by the University, the college periodically offers special classes relating to personality developments and professional job-oriented courses. Seminary programmes on relevant topics are conducted in order to better acquaint the students with their study materials. These programmes are addressed by resource persons from different fields. Attending these special classes is deemed as compulsory for all the students.

Visiting Lecturers. Time to time, Lecturers and Professors from different institutions also provide extension lectures in different disciplines

Co-Curricular Activities

Observation of a variety of co-  curricular activities is a regular feature of the college. In order to allow the students to take initiative and develop in-built confidence, the college regards it imperative to conduct as much co-curricular activities as possible. Activities which bear relevance in development of mental aptitude and aesthetic qualities are talent search competitions such as debate, quiz, singing, painting, essay writing, cultural shows, etc. Besides, annual games and sports meet form one of the most important events. Both outdoor and indoor games form part of the physical development which also makes college life and interesting stage of students’ life.


The College Library is well equipped which can meet the requirement of the teachers as well as the students in acquiring necessary information in the concerned subjects/courses. The library is updated by regular inclusion of important publications on relevant topics/disciplines. Important newspapers, magazines and professional journals from reputed publishers/journals are subscribed. Borrowing facilities are also extended to students provided they are registered with the college library and produce library cards.


The college is also registered with the National Service Scheme and Red Ribbon Club(NSACS), and time to time undertakes HIV/AIDS sensitization programmes and social service activities. The students are expected to actively involve in such activities. Students registered to NSS and RRC avail opportunities for state sponsored and centrally sponsored educational tours to places of historical importance, participate in cultural-exchange programmes throughout the country, and visit institutions of national and international repute.

Eco Club

As part of the curriculum, environmental awareness programme and protection, and conservation of the ecosystem forms an important aspect of both academic and co-curricular activity. Hence, to generate interest and sense of responsibilty amongst the astudent community, the college has established an Eco Club which actively involve in tree plantation programmes, conservation and protection of ecosystems. The membership is voluntary, though the benefits gained by a student in being a registered member and involvement in such programmes cannot be understated.

Evangelical Union (EU)

An important aspect that the college considers worthy of attention is the moral and spiritual development of the students. This is important in that the personality and character of a person is reflected by his/her moral standard. Hence, the college Evangelical strives to achieve this end. EU services during weekends are a regular feature of the college vocational activities.

Students Counseling

The college has  students’ counceling programme every semester. Experts in the field are brought in to train the college faculty members so as to enable them to give proper counceling anmf guidance to the students. Both group councelling and individual counceling are provided according to the needs and issues at hand.

Development & Career Opportunity

The College in collaboration with the Indaneers Skills Adacemy, a training partner of the National Skill Development Corporation(NSDC) provides Skill Development Course in Tourism and Marketing. Job placements are given to the young umploued who have thus undergone this three months course. Students particularly of 6th Semester are encouraged to take-up these course courses. For more information, students/parents may contact the college office during office hours.

Educational Tours/Exposure Trips

The college also time to time sponsors Educational Tours/Excursions to historical sites and places of national importance so as to expose  the students other intellectual and cultural environments.


The college has a Students’ Council which had been formed so that the students have better opportunity of inter-college interaction as well as for addressing the immediate needs of the students.


The college provides hostels for girls with necessary facilities. Students willing to abide by the rules laid down for the hostel may obtain Hostel Admission form on Payment of Rs. 20 from the college office.