All policy matters regarding the college if looked after by the College Governing Body.


College  Governing  Body

Chairman                     : Vezuhu Keyho, Former Principal & Current Chairman, Supply Colony, Kohima


Member Secretary       : Dr. Zokho Venuh, Principal, Capital College of Higher Education(CCHE)


Member                       : Vevohu Kezo, Vice Principal, Capital College of Higher Education(CCHE)


Member                       : Dr. Khrietuo Doulo, Asst. Prof. Science College, Jotsoma(Retired)


Member                       : Zacilhu Vadeo, Ex-Minister (NLA)


Member                       : Kekhwengulo Lea, Vice Chairman, Nagaland Co-Operative Bank, Nagaland


Member                       :Vekhozo Khamo, Former Principal, Alder College


Member                       : Kenneth Punyü, Associate Prof, Science College, Jotsoma


Member                       : Smt. Suohienuo, Principal, SIRD, Nagaland


Member                       : Smt. Abeino Zashu, Senior Lecturer, CCHE


Member                       : Prof. D. Kuolie, Dept. Linguistics NU, Meriema, Nagaland