1. Classes commence from 9:00 a.m till 3:15 p.m on all week days and working Saturdays. Every student shall attend classes regularly and punctually.
2. 75 % attendance is mandatory as per university rules to be eligible for appearing Semester Examinations. Application for leave of absence on medical grounds should be supported by relevant documents.
3. Proxy/ impersonation of attendance is considered a serious offence.
4. Students are to compulsorily wear College uniform on those days reserved for wearing uniforms.
5. Every student must carry his/her Identity Card to the College and produce it when asked for.
6. Mobile phones and any gadgets are prohibited inside the classroom.
7. Cheating and any form of malpractice during examinations will be strictly dealt with.
8. Consumption of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and intoxicants is prohibited within the Campus.
9. Students are not allowed to bring guests/visitors to the class, library and Campus.
10. Riots/ Campaigning/ demonstrations by students will not be tolerated within the College Campus.
11. Any harassment in any form or degree on fellow students, juniors and especially female students will be treated as punishable offence under the Criminal Act.
12. Any grievances of any kind by the students are to be addressed to the Student’s Grievance Redressal Cell of the College.
13. So long as a student is enrolled in the College, he/she shall be held accountable and responsible for his/her actions within and outside the Campus. The Principal will hold authority outside the Campus as well.
14. It shall be the bounden duty of every student to maintain cleanliness of the Campus and protect the College property from harm and damage.
15. Failure to comply with the College rules and regulations will invite fines, explanatory calls, debarment from appearing exams and expulsions from the College according to the nature and severity of the case.